Survival Tips

Long before cell phones, the internet and carrier pigeons, there was the old school strength training method known as the 20-rep squat program. It is a physically demanding, it is usually paired with a gallon of milk per day and it will make big and strong.

Those who have tried the program will tell you that it is indeed as physically demanding as it sounds. Some of those who’ve tried it have given up halfway (not that we’d know anything about that), but those who have succeeded in completing the full six-weeks have been rewarded with incredible mass and strength gains.

For those with enough patience, courage and determination to try this program, here are some tips from lifters that have completed it, to help you survive 20-rep squat:

  1. Make sure to drink your milk, at least one gallon a day. Failure to take gainz nutrition into consideration may result in failure or injury as the body will not be able to get the nutrients it need for muscle growth and recovery.
  2. Take a series of 3-5 deep breaths for every rep. The breathing will allow your body to recharge mentally and physically as you aim for another rep. Your brain will then recruit high-threshold motor units to help you complete the set.
  3. Go easy on the other exercises. The squats are the core of the program. Make sure that you do not overwork your body by pushing it too far. The supporting exercises should not be as rigorous as the squats, so it is recommended to lower the weights that you use for them.
  4. Pay attention to recovery- Aside from nutrition, make sure to go easy on your body and take the rest days to let your body recharge and recover from the previous workouts. Sleeping six to eight hours a day is also a very helpful way of recharging your body.
  5. Eyes on the goal- Be as determined and focused as you can be when performing the workout. Keep your goal in mind and let the thought of a stronger, bigger you motivate you in completing each session.

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